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Outdoor Play Ebook

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About the Book:

Outdoor Play “Fun 4 4 Seasons” enthusiastically portrays a daily commitment to the outdoors for health and fitness.  The book is full of short story adventures that give the reader an overview of multiple outdoor things to do.  Steve’s message is to get outdoors and do something.  The only competition you have is the task at hand.  Do not worry about reaching the top of the mountain – just concern yourself with staying on the path.

Campsite tips to cook an egg in an onion, paddling on exceptional waters, smart phone apps, giant pumpkin regattas, winter sleigh rides, triathlons,  island camping, sea kayaking, indoor bicycle training, and advice on preparing for the outdoors are amongst diverse stories shared.  Videos and action pictures proclaim the physical fitness and mental health impact of the outdoors.

Places to Play in Northern New England tell where to discover outdoor treasures.  New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont are emphasized for their unique outdoor offerings. The Great North Woods, Maine Island Trail, Appalachian Trail, and the Northern Forest Canoe Trail have references galore.

Outdoor Play “Fun 4  4 Seasons” starts with a process – How to be an Outdoor Enthusiast.  The middle sections are the seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter from Steve’s blog – Outdoor Enthusiast.

Outdoors as a Component of Daily Life and Eclectic Sharing provides unique tips and readings.

The last section, The Beginning, is Steve’s personal story of how he went from a debilitating injury to a daily outdoor enthusiast.

The book shows how, where, and ways to make outdoor activity a stress reliever and a “lifestyle for the long haul”. Regardless of age, limited time, family commitments, or knowledge of an activity, Outdoor Play “Fun 4  4 Seasons” is a must read for all.

“Everyone must believe in something.  I believe I will go outdoors with my family.” S. Priest

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