Outdoor Fun 4 Seniors Volume III

Outdoor Fun 4 Seniors Volume III

250+ Videos & Pictures
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Hi, Outdoor Steve here. The title, “Outdoor Play Fun 4 Seniors,” comes because I qualify as a “senior” in any sense of the word.  I respond to Grampa, Papa, Dad, Steve, Outdoor Steve, and super senior.

Outdoor Play Fun 4 Seniors has behind-the-scenes videos to give the feeling of “being there.” The Great North Woods of New Hampshire and Maine, Allagash Wilderness Waterway, Northern Forest Canoe Trail, Maine Island Trail, New Hampshire Winter, northern sections of the Appalachian Trail, and more, have personally created on-site videos.  For example, I describe what it is like to cross the fabled and dangerous Knife Edge Trail on Mt Katahdin. Through my chest camera, you “feel” what it is like to hike this one mile 18-inch wide trail 5,000 feet above sea level.

Most outings include maps, pictures, videos, directions, and references.

The beginning of Outdoor Play Fun 4 Seniors offers a process to be an outdoor enthusiast for those who hesitate because of age, limited time, family commitments, or knowledge of an activity. We start with Bucket List Accomplishments to give the reader a sense of “I can do that.”

I follow this section with Warning Signs, Survival, Rescue and First Aid. I place this section here to prepare you for what it takes to have a safe and fun outdoor adventure.  I share with my readers my experience with avoiding dangerous situations as well as various outdoors/sports injuries and treatment I have experienced. 

Next follows Outdoor Recreation for Seniors (ORFS). This ORFS group meets every Tuesday year-round at 10 am.  In the summer we kayak/canoe, swim and hike. In the fall we hike, and in the winter, we snowshoe and cross-country ski.  Membership is limited “to the young of ages between 50 and 90”. The ORFS stories and videos are from my blog posts

The middle sections divide into the seasons of the year, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter with glimpses of Steve’s outdoor undertakings.  These sections are from the last three years of Steve’s blog – Outdoor Adventurers.  Steve provides a peek into outdoor places and Internet sites to assist you in your research, expectations, and preparation.

The next to last section, Places to Play in Northern New England, provides web references to local activities and clubs to join as incentives to learn and participate – if indeed you need these supports.

The last section, The Beginning, is my story of how I went from a couch potato to an outdoor enthusiast.

Everyone must do something. I believe I will go outdoors with family and friends” S. Priest